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public function generateImage(
    $body = [
      "template_id" => $templateId,
      "variants": [
          "layer" => "place",
          "text" => $place
          "layer" => "background-img",
          "image_url" => $bgImage

    $response = Http::withToken($apiToken)
        ->post('', $body);

Embedded Forms

Generate images from your own app or from a link. No need of a developer to generate all the images you need.

Spend only 1 credit.
If you submit the form with the same values multiple times the image is generated only once and served from a CDN after that.
For everyone.
Ideal for non-tech people. Just submit a form and your images are generated in a couple of seconds.
Only show in your form the fields you want your team to change.
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Signed URLs

Generate images only when needed. Spend only one credit per image generated, it doesn't matter how many times the url is called if the variants don't change.

Product screenshot

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