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Generate marketing assets live, on-demand, and without calling an external API

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
        Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man:
        Retro Collection

Amazing Spider-Man
Retro Collection

Retail price: $24.99

Market value: $99.99

Rarity Score: 20%

Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man: Retro Collection

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Generate assets once, use them forever

With Snapsbrew's signed URLs you will spend only one credit per image generated, it doesn't matter how many times the url is called if the variants are never changed.

Generated synchronously

Your image is generated in a couple of seconds, no need to wait for a webhook.

Generated only once

Your image is generated the first time, and served from a CDN after that.

Signed URL == API

If you can generate it with Snapsbrew's API, you can generating with signed URLs.

Perfect for social cards

No need to spend credits if your page is not shared on a social network.

Super secure, super easy

Build your variants object and encrypt it with your API key. Snapsbrew will validate your url before spending your credits.

<!-- index.php -->

  <meta property="og:image" content=" $figure->metaImage() ">

// App\Models\Figure.php

public function metaImage()
    $variants = json_encode([
            'layer' => 'title',
            'text' => $this->tile,
            'layer' => 'image',
            'text' => $this->image,

    $variants = base64_encode($variants);
    $variants = rtrim(strtr($variants, '+/', '-_'),'=');

    $apiKey = config('snapsbrew.signed_url_api');

    $fields = [
        'variants' => $variants,
        'template_id' => config('snapsbrew.fb_meta_image_template_id'),


    $fields = http_build_query($fields);

    $signature = hash_hmac('sha256', $fields, $apiKey);

    return ''.$fields.'&signature='.$signature;

Learn how Legendsverse is
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With Signed URLs Legendsverse has been able to generate all the images they need while saving hundreds of credits

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