How Legendsverse generates thousands social cards with signed urls

Before implementing signed URLs, Legendsverse had to perform complex database queries on a weekly basis to determine which social cards needed updating. This process was resource-intensive and sometimes resulted in updated social cards not being shared on social networks, meaning the newly created images were never seen by anyone and resources were wasted. With signed URLs, Legendsverse can easily and efficiently update social cards in real-time, improving the efficiency of content management and ensuring that resources are used effectively.

Legendsverse is the largest Marvel Legends figures checklist, with thousands of pages in its database. It keeps track of every released figure, character, and exclusive. Each of these pages needs a social card that provides users with information about a given figure, such as the retail price, market value, exclusivity, figure wave, and release date. Most of this information is static, but the market value is not.

The market value is one of the top features offered by Legendsverse as it allows users to know how much they can ask for a figure they are selling or how much they should pay if they are hunting for one. As it is an important feature, it makes sense to keep social cards updated with this information. This information is obtained automatically every week from the biggest websites on the internet, and as soon as it is obtained, the social card is updated.

Before implementing signed URLs, Legendsverse had to generate all social cards for these figures using Snapsbrew API, even if some of these social cards would never reach a social network, wasting credits that did not need to be spent. This is where signed URLs come into play.

Signed URLs generate the social card synchronously and in just a few seconds when a social network requests it, meaning that only the social cards that are actually needed are generated. If a checklist page is not shared on a social network, a credit is not spent and an image is not generated, saving time, resources, and money for Legendsverse.

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